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3 min readOct 26, 2022


1 of some: Hacks for mindful people.

I constantly have hacks to share with you because like I have said over and over, I am committed to making our evolution as seamless as it can be. So, this might just go on to become a section of this space- our space- where we will convene monthly or bimonthly. Depending.

Anyway, to kick start this session (let’s call this one the October session), we will be talking about GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is the greatest o. It’s up there with courage. Gratitude is acknowledging that many a time, plans don’t go according to plan but still acknowledging the times that they have. I dare say that gratitude also means being thankful even those times when our plans fell through for the worst case scenarios.

To improve your relationship with gratitude, you have to first have your trust and belief in God on lock. Trust in his omnipotence and trust in the goodness of the plans HE has for you.

The next hack on the list is DISCERNMENT.

With discernment, some are born adorned, where as others have to practice and hone before they earn it. Discernment is that voice in the back of your mind that tells you that something is feeling off when you enter a church for the first time. I once heard that if you have discerning eyes, you will be able to tell a church where the Spirit of God dwells from that in which he is absent. Discernment is that caution that anchors you to your home training in instances where you want to spark or go wild. It is the traveller’s esteemed jewel and he that findeth it, findeth a good thing (heh, pun intended).

But discernment doesn’t only help you with when to pause or look before leaping. It also tells you when to SPRING into action. Much like in Venom I when Eddie broke out of the facility- super strong and all- and the officers had to start shooting at him because they had seen that his speed and strength were not normal. Usually, officers in the abroad hold their fire and only begin to shoot or do harm when it’s absolutely necessary. Maybe we can argue that the officers’ own discernment in that hot pursuit of Eddie was born out of the trepidation of losing their jobs or their heads to their demonic (to put it mildly) boss, Carlton.

Hack number three for this sesh is PATIENCE.

My relationship with this virtue is a seemingly toxic one, I must admit. Sometimes, I find, I can sit still and let IT tarry for as long as it prefers. Other times, I have zero tolerance for delay. Of any kind.

Maybe not toxic sha, just constantly changing. I mean, good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who go out and get them.

Do you have any memory of when any of these hacks came through for you? Or when you didn’t tap into them enough and your failure to do so was followed by regret and just diminished productivity. Let’s talk about them.

Therefore, what are we gonna be doing in the coming days? We will be taking our time, practicing our discernment and feeling gratitude for times when our corn popped and times when it didn’t.

Hopefully, this plan goes according to plan.