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4 min readDec 19, 2022

Winding down this perfect year👍

Marta Wave on Pexels has a sense of humor.

Someone on Twitter said that nobody should ask them what they achieved this year because all they want to talk about is that they have survived. Is this how you feel too?

This year was tough, I won’t lie. To think that I came in with all the vigor, ready for ease and bliss and plenty yarnings of perfection. I have had perfection, but this year was not easy for me. It was happening like a set in motion and it’s all been on fast-forward. For about six months in this year, I had to be both mom and dad (with the support of my sisters) in my house because both of them travelled. I was lead project manager (as I have mostly been all my life), treasurer, security guard, shopping personnel, cook and the rest of it, while myself shedding constantly. Although this wasn’t the first time any of this was happening, this year, the process was arduous.

I’m just thankful my family and I got to do this year together, all of us alive and present. Many of us grew by many yards this year too- it’s too funny how you must grow regardless of how old you become. Lessons have been learnt, improvements are being made, and my perspectives are taking their job of remaining flexible very seriously.

Minus the times when everything is exactly as it seems, not everything is as it seems. You’ve gotta strive to open that discerning eye so you can tell when what is what from when water is wet. You are not above making mistakes, neither are you above correction. Don’t bother resisting because you will learn this by force. Life is standing around you, ready, hoping to rip you a new one but smile dear, na small thing 🌚. Don’t let the things that don’t matter matter so much to you henceforth. Stop being so angry and so afraid. Catch your thoughts and keep them in check. Stop suffering. If it’s in the past, why are you still suffering? If it’s in the future, why are you already suffering? Lose that behaviour, mon chéri. One thing I did a lot this year (because at the beginning of the year, I created a playlist for this purpose) was dance at random. I danced in the kitchen, the shower, in the queue to use the ATM, in the shed of my turkey vendor in Oshodi market, I made sure to do some moves whenever I passed in front of anything that could reflect light. I attacked my list on Netflix too so I knocked some movies out of it. I didn’t go out like I hoped to and I didn’t sample a lot of new music (except for when I was trapped underground with Spotify Free. You can catch up here.) My Spotify Wrapped disagrees sha so there’s that.

I hope you are intentional in the new year. I hope you rate yourself and I wish you strength to do exploits too. Cherish those who have proven that they genuinely care for you, hold on to those who pray for you. Be intentional with growth and gratitude, eating right and keeping the environment clean. I pray that the light of God carries your feet high above your fears and your mistakes, above your weaknesses and the things you haven’t learnt. I pray that God helps you and guides you and preserves you. I pray that your support systems will not crumble and that you are strengthened every day to put the devil and his minions to shame. Yea?

Personally, I pray that like my name, God leads me in the new year: leads me to obedience, patience, help. I pray that even when there is no way, a way will be made for me. I pray for my parents too that they remain together, in good health and that they never lack the wisdom to parent my siblings and me. I pray for everything good for us all.

Merry Christmas, babies, and cheers to more life🍷🍻. Don’t disrespect people unless they ask for it. Also, if you are yet to, watch all the Christmas movies showing on Netflix this season. See me now, project manager, ministry woman and Netflix ambassador. O por. Ah, yes! I forgot to mention that I can now drive you to anywhere in the world you want to go to. What did I say before? O por!!

Never measure your life by possessions. measure it by the hearts you touched, the smiles you created, and the love you shared. — Anonymous.