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4 min readJan 30, 2023

Leave everything and obey.

How far now? How was January? For us in Nigeria, the funniest thing so far has been our new Naira notes. They wash off when sweat or water touches them and they are not even enough to go around for every body. Yet. So, the CBN has just been dragging us through their mess of poor decision-making. But that’s not my problem, really…don’t cry for me, Argentina💁🏻‍♀️.

Mindful people, are you ready?? Let’s go!

Do you wanna know what I’ve been obsessed with recently? It’s building my character. There are so many things I’ve done so right but there are some things I’ve absolutely turned to shit paste. But you know what? What will go always goes and what comes must always come. That’s why I pick up the lessons and the experiences and just flow forward. I am clear on the fact that I want to look back at my life in the end and be SATISFIED that I stepped correct. Satisfied especially that I satisfied God and satisfied that I lived to my hearts content. See how fulfilled Jacob was when he passed at 147 years? For a life that was just wild to put it mildly, Jacob’s life was an inspiration.

Right, so lets get on with why I am writing to you from the back seat in this 14-seater bus on this hot day with this dry hot wind blowing away my senses (since it’s failing to blow my wig off). I have been obsessing since I read something about what and what can weaken one’s character and what can strengthen it- obviously coming from the angle of God’s precepts and his commandments. You know I’ve said it before that his laws and everything sha that he does is all for us; all about us because we are so important to him. Ask me why, I don’t know. Do I love it? Like stupid.

This profound message said that everytime we don’t make any effort to resist the temptation to sin, it weakens our character. And I’m here thinking damn because I can already see the many legs that this thing can take off on. From the mere fact that your mindfulness is at stake, to just going on the path that ends with you being perceived or labeled someone of weak character. Weak because every thing really goes, for you. (I mean, you know that it shows, yea?)

In one of my last posts, I presented the case of a struggling 25 year old, Toyosi, who felt trapped because he thought he was going through an identity crisis and he was looking to find people like him or better still, anyone who has transcended beyond where he is now. But Toyosi forgets that his identity is in Christ. His identity is Christ. So even though he feels this compulsion to be bad boy as well as Kingdom man, the path to follow is bright as day.

The whole basis of our faith is obedience. Why do you think it plagued the book of genesis? Genesis being the account of the beginning still? Leave everything and obey. Celebration church people will say “leave food and touch God” 😂 Leave everything and obey. Simple.

You are spirit, soul and body but everytime you doubt what God has put in you- the grace he’s given you to discern right from wrong and to be able to choose right, you weaken your character. Every time you disobey, you deny yourself the opportunity to build yourself and make your character stronger. (I mean, are you not lucky to have been introduced to God when some persons somewhere haven’t?). Are you aware that the sins that the law couldn’t cleanse us of because it is weakened by the flesh, Jesus has cleansed us of them forever by dying on the cross and rising to life. In addition to all the fifteen million and one things your adult brain has to remember daily, remember this ultimate sacrifice that Jesus (God) made. He offered himself up and he obeyed, even when his body was weak and his heart was racing from the fear of what was to come. It’s not easy o, however, Romans 8:15 says we haven’t received the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear. We can do it.

It’s also necessary that we recognize the need for us to be loyal to God, listen to him and be humble enough to seek his forgiveness when we’ve wronged him because this helps us to master our human relationships too. For example, you want to establish trust between yourself and someone you just met but you constantly speak ill of people in your life who aren’t there with you. How will this new person see you? And many more examples.

Fear God and live a healthy life. Let the love of God lead you to discover yourself and your purpose.

2/12 is underway. Spread love not diseases. Spread Jesus not heartbreak. Spread kindness sometimes too not every time spreading cheeks. Spread this post by clapping and highlighting your favorite bits of it too🌚 Also, stop doubting yourself and stop doubting God. He is real, you don’t have to worry about him thinking one thing and telling you another thing. You don’t have to wonder whether he’s fake or whether he is who he says he is. Trust him.

PS: If this is your first hack, welcome welcome welcome. I’m so glad you found us. Kindly go through my medium to catch up on the previous editions.

It is well with you❤️‍🔥