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“You can’t pin joy like a moth.”

You know what time it is? It’s time for #HFMP. That’s right. February has been dropping nuggets every single day and they are more applicable now more than ever. You are welcome to my favorite corner of this space 🫶

The first thing I want to get out of the way is that you should never be afraid to write things down as they come. Especially ideas and plans for the day (i.e your to-do-list for that day) because it will help you be more productive. I’m saying this because I’ve heard someone call a writer an old person because they were always writing stuff down. Take records of things, moments, people, as much as you try to be in the moment. Maybe I’m saying this because I’m also obsessed with documenting my experiences, but maybe not. Okay, now that this is out of the way, let’s dive in.

As much as possible, make sure you aren’t applying the provisions of other people’s seasons to your own. Don’t force your orbit to align to their time because like your own element that you are, you’ve got your own. Whenever you start to get impatient or frustrated by the delays, find a way to channel that frustration into purposeful action. No pity-partying, we aren’t here to play. You think you’ll feel some comfort from sitting your ass down and just complaining? Believe me, that feeling will double when you actually do something. Again, this is your life, it’s serious business. Learn from the Nigerian youth.

You will benefit from trying to out-do the next person in respect and honor. I kid you not. You might be thinking that only kids learn by watching. You are wrong. Definitely, doing good things for some people is equal to pouring water on an igneous rock but have you met Jesus?

How was Valentine’s Day for you? Did you self-love all the way or did you share some with those around you? I listened to the first episode of the Rants, Bants and Confessions podcast and I heard one of the girls talking about how giving her a big gift is a way of showing her you love her big, i.e you feel big love for her. I have not finished that episode yet but I will be concerned if I get to the end, and I don’t hear her mention anything about gifting such a person back, in the same capacity too. If you didn’t share your love on the 14th, well, fret not, ye, for upon ye has been bestowedeth many more opportunities to share love. Every day is a new day to love others by giving them patience, forgiveness, space, compassion, and whatever they need (that you can give).

Remember we both agreed that this year is for “afraid and deluded”? You better not be leaving me out here throwing myself into all these plans and challenges by myself. I hope you are living like you are not afraid to fall, for you should fall if you mut fall, so that the one you will become will catch you. Nobody ever entered their quantum realm of exceeding manifestations without a leap of quantum faith here and there.

And, in case you missed it where I mentioned it before, you will enjoy delegating this year please. Things work when you delegate too, I promise you. Good leaders delegate as much as they are empathetic. The best startups CEOs are those who have mastered the art of delegating. Trying to do everything yourself is bad. It will lead you to exhaustion. It will also make sure that other people around you are underutilized: they, their time, their gifts and their abilities. The result of this is that they too will get frustrated and burnt out. Just remember to delegate to the right people…I mean the competent people. When Jethro adviced his son-in-law Moses to delegate otherwise the burden of leadership would crush him, Moses was humble and wise enough to listen. He didn’t regret it too. Delegate to people you won’t have to micromanage. Delegate to people you can trust.

If you really want to transition into the tech workspace but you are confused about which leg you should attach yourself to, here is a small list that you can start your research with. So, in addition to health tech and fintech which are already popular, there are many other categories including

  • Adtech
  • Agritech
  • Musictech
  • Audiotech
  • E-commerce
  • Biotech
  • Edtech
  • Communitytech
  • Energytech
  • Consumertech
  • Deathtech
  • Industrialtech
  • Marketplace
  • Infrastructuretech
  • IoT (Internet of things)
  • Legaltech
  • Logisticstech
  • Martech
  • Medtech (You could check this site to get clarity on why biotech, healthtech and medtech are different).
  • Mobiletech
  • PaaS (Platform as a service)
  • Proptech
  • Recrutech


Self-sacrifice isn’t always love. I’m saying this regarding our relationships. This election period revealed to me that I’d been keeping some people with intentions and morals that I find questionable, too close for comfort. To be fair to me, I don’t walk around canceling people after their first fuck-up, because it’s not like certain things they have already done over the years have not stuck out. But I fuck up too so… None of this stopped me this time though. They had to go, QUICK.

Why should you litter my space and be disguising as a “friend” when you refuse to be teachable? Common, you have to know that I don’t vibe well with such. Immature and childish people are not my kind of people either- people I can’t communicate with are a hard pass for me. And who needs enemies with “friends” who will sell you cheap at the slightest chance they get? It will burn like a bitch but you have to take stock and clean out your space. Or at least begin to. “Oh, but who made you the wise judge?”, “oh, but who died and made you the moral and incorrupt judge?” This is what you people will be asking that will be giving people the mind to campaign for and propagate the ideas of people who kill their youth. Never look back when you’ve done your assessment and you’ve been able to rationalize (without bias or sentiment) the reasons why a bridge needs to get burnt).

You aren’t crazy or conceited. You aren’t selfish or full of yourself. You are aware and you are protecting what is most important. You. You are most important for the simple and most basic reason that you can only give what you yourself have. Please start thinking about changing, if you are someone who identifies as unteachable. That mentality that you said what you said regardless of if it’s been a lorryload of warm pasty horseshit makes you an irritating microbe and I’m germophobic. You take a piss, you take it home with you, in love.

Also, if your family is still supporting you regardless of how old you are and how much you make, thank your stars and be ready to do the same when your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews come of age.

Collect your flowers in peace. No downplaying, no deflecting. You don’t have to you should be wasting on that. Collect them and water them lavishly.

Also, if you have any new thing you have refused to start enjoying because you want to enjoy it later, no. Take that shit out right away and dive in. Wear that perfume, write in that fancy notebook, burn that candle.

Do only the things that can improve or support your mental health in the coming month. Do the things that can improve at least one more person’s life too. If she’s a woman, better, considering that March is unpopularly regarded as women’s month.

Show love, feel joy and gratitude always. Hold your tongue sometimes and say the opinions you are sure will add value as loudly as you can. Communicate like an adult with working genitalia and please be teachable. Parent well if you have kids; you cannot outsource that one.

Let us play our part as best we can.


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