Are you ready to get married?

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Okay, so this one is a big one. Most people want to get married for reasons that range from love to companionship, to the need to procreate. Some people even want to get married for selfish and mundane reasons. Don’t ask me what these are, I’m sure you know some of such people. You probably are one of them or you have them as friends.

Marriage is an elite thing, whether you’d like to admit it or not, the fact that there are more and more broken marriages right now, notwithstanding. When care and thought are put into making the decision to even get married to someone, the result is most likely going to be bliss. But are you reeeaally ready to get married? Between me and you right now, tell yourself the truth.

  1. You that you cannot dance, how will you do it? Do you know how long the reception takes? the traditional marriage bit? the partying? where will you go? where will you hide? or should I mind my business? Hmm!

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to now be sounding like one expert. Even I am single. So, please please please. But these are thoughts that cross my mind from time to time, especially the one of dancing o, because, omo, I no fit dance even if them point gun to my head.

Marriage takes a lot of work; most of it is based on how intentional you are. I mean, in life, you have to be intentional to make any type of progress. So is it with marriage too.


Please note that many of these points I have listed don’t have to apply to you because you can like to be a Dangote or one Igbo man’s son from Anambra, or one boss lady CEO. You might even be an atheist. All of that is fine. To each, his own. But, you have to understand that you can’t and should not compromise certain things, one of which is the set of values you want your marriage to have/uphold. These values are the same ones that your offsprings will pick up.

Everybody wants a better society, but does everybody know that it starts from (in) the formative years? Is everybody aware that it starts with how just you are, how forgiving, honest, how respectful of one another’s rights and privacy you are, how sensitive you are to each other’s feelings (and by extension, to that of those around you). Do you show up? To work? For friends? Or are you a thief, always looking for who to put down so that you can rise?

Fink about it.


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