Film Food…Alas, not all snacks are created equal

What’s the best thing about going to the movies? Is it the film? No. It’s not. Is it the pictures or the splendid delivery of organized fun? People like me who get the kick when we watch others enjoy a good time together might go for this but we all know the truth; which is that, the favorite thing about going to the movies is the movie snacks.

If I’ll be honest, I have seen many people opt for different things at the movies. Whether I approve or not doesn’t exactly matter. For example, I believe that crunchy food like chips or something as cold as ice cream has no place in the screens. I mean, crunch crunch, everyone can hear you. And why would you consider ice cream at the movies, like the temperatures are not already outrageous enough? Yet, certain people would fight you if you argued otherwise.

What about fruits? Let me tell you, some people interpret the call to hang at the movies as the perfect opportunity to smuggle in a bowl of slices and slices of watermelon and grapes and stuff. Speaking of smuggling, did I ever mention that I became an expert at smuggling hot bowls of bottom-pot jollof rice into the cinema?

I won’t say which one.

I’d already add “go and see so so so movie” to my list of to-dos for that day so I’d organize my movement such that I’d be able to get the rice and hide it in my big yellow bag. Yes, around the time when this was a thing, I was kinda obsessed with this one yellow bag. So, I’d hide the rice under the heaps and heaps of sticky notes and pieces of paper that I always kept in this bag. Sometimes, when I had a scarf on, I’d use that too. I didn’t start with the bowls of rice though…I started with things like gala or popcorn which I used to buy from one vendor in the student union building before leaving school. There were days when I’d not need to be in school at all but I’d go in, specifically to get the popcorn after which I’d proceed to the movies. That popcorn was the best…or maybe I should say that it is the best, since they are still in business.

In case this got you to start wondering, no, I have never smuggled anything else in and out of anywhere else. And no, I will not be willing to help you smuggle anything.

Then, there are the Pizza guys.

And the group who relentlessly struggle with all the types of nylon packaging you can think of; the maltasers guys, the sweets guys, biscuits guys, cake guys, gummy bears guys, cookies guys, e.t.c all fall in this group.

Finally, the group who amidst the many options of snacks made available to them, decide that their partners’ lips or earlobes, tits and more are the better snack choice. For this group, I have no comments at this time.

I love warm hot dogs with the creamy dressing, shawarma with whatever number of sausages I prefer, chicken and french fries (of which Genesis Cinema in Maryland mall happen to have the tastiest Chicken and french fries ever in the history of Chicken and french fries as movie snacks) and good ol’ popcorn.

<Deep inhale>

<Deep exhale>

Popcorn…I think popcorn is great. Popcorn is great.

I hear that people take wine in too, what, in their thermoses and stuff…

Now, over to you. What is your favorite film food? Give me the update.

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