Writing and me.
2 min readJul 29, 2021

Haq! Who’s missed me?🌚

You know how people ask “If you get access to your younger self, what will you tell them?” Well my response would be “You can actually do it all”.

I found out quite early that I was good at a lot of things and back then, it used to bother me a lot. Guess why. Because of that “Jack of all trades…” saying. Who even came up with that?! Only way I’m forgiving them is if they can prove that their intention was to keep people focused because what the fuck?🤨🙄

Growing up though, it became clear that a Jack of all trades could actually be whatever the fuck he wanted: a master of all, none or some. It all depended on him💁🏽‍♀️

Fact is, many of us have lost skills that we could have fanned to flame, all because we felt we weren’t as good at them as we were with some other talents. So we told ourselves that it didn’t matter if we lost these gifts, after all, Jack of all trades… Thankfully, gone are the days. Presently, the more things you are good at, the badder you are. Apart from the rep and the fulfilment you feel, it gives you an edge funds-wise, that is, if you can figure out the branding and marketing bit.

What am I saying? Tap into everything. It’s okay to try and fail and even when it doesn’t blow per se, you sha won’t be stuck with the big ol’ “what if?” Explore everything- or at least, a large chunk of them. Maybe, just plan the timing- as per when to capitalize on which one- except you are a rebel like me and you tend to carve your own trend instead of following the existing trend.

I hope this brings clarity to you or some youngin in your corner.