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4 min readMar 30


Acceptance of yourself where you are.

This is me? Flaws and sparks and all? Yes, I’ll have that.

Wouldn’t life be so much better if we just learnt to accept things? It would. That was not a rhetorical question. Acceptance is my big message for you from my experience this month.

Acceptance frees you from resentment and grants you healing because it activates your ability to forgive and be free. Accepting your current situation because it is happening now is better for you than complaining about what your life is supposed to be or what it would have been if this and that hadn’t happened.

Sometimes it shouldn’t be about unlocking new levels of difficulty because you’ve somehow mastered the current one. There will always be difficulty so take some time off sometimes to enjoy where you are and the bits of this place that are easy. Don’t you like ease? This is by no means a call for complacency. And I know the scholars of the “region beta paradox” might have trouble understanding this since the whole idea behind this paradox is that worse situations can sometimes be better than better situations. And so when something really bad hasn’t happened that can make you take action, you remain in that comfortable place that you really should be leaving. Don’t get it twisted.

There’s so much information in the world and it’s being recycled constantly so much so that it will be hard for you to open up all four or seven 🌚 of your SM and not find someone saying something that supposedly speaks to your current situation on at least one of the seven. But I’m here, my dear friend to tell you that it is possible to see these “wise sayings” littered everywhere you look and not personalize them. They don’t have to be for you.

But acceptance doesn’t just fall in your lap. Like every skill/virtue, it takes practice and the grace of God to cultivate it. I mean if you’ve been serious with me, you must already be used to me singing about responsibility and accountability that are borne from self awareness. So sorry to burst your bubble but if you’ve been lazy and you want to join the acceptance team, I’m here to tell you that you won’t be allowed in. You haven’t done the work and so you don’t have the capacity for that. Knowing when to stop and when to continue are just as important as knowing when to start. Focus!

Okay, March has 31 days so I have something else for you. I mentioned it briefly here so if you’ve read that then lucky for you. I want to open your eyes to the fact that it’s not every rule that seeks to imprison you or restrict you. You need tk see beyond the surface. Like I mentioned in this post, the intention behind the rule and your understanding of it can be sooooo far from each other.

A story was told if a group of JS kids who had soccer practice one Saturday and their original coach was the dad if one of thd boys. The man knew foot ball and he knew the boys but somehow, he didnt get there in time for practice that day and because the other parents were in a hurry, they picked from among themselves a substitute coach. Shebi it’s football and we are here, we go run am. Little did they know. By the time the original coach got there, nearly half of the team had sustained injuries and a good number of the parents had accused the sub of being partial. It was chaos. The boys didn’t even score. However when the rules were defined by the original coach and he blew his whistle? Go figure.

In the coming month, try to see beyond what you are seeing; try to hear beyond what you are hearing. Knowledge is horizontal and it tends to take you from the simple to the complex as you acquire it. However, wisdom goes in the opposite direction. It helps you to simplify complex situations and persons. Wisdom is vertical because it comes from above, from God and it begins with you accepting that you need God to not just survive but thrive in this broken world. Or how about this? You need God period. Not because of what you hope to gain from him but because you know who he is and what his character is. This knowledge helps you with the law part, that is, knowing God’s commands but it is wisdom that nudges you to acknowledge that God gives you his grace not because you’ve kept all his laws. Because you haven’t. Wisdom moves to your feet from your heart and keeps you walking in acceptance of things.

I love you so much and I like that you’ve read up to this point. I’m hoping you took note of your personal lessons from the sweet month of March too. I know I have. And as I turn a year older next month, I’m ready. At least I believe I am.

Trust in the Lord, he is not man. He doesn’t lie. You can trust him. Trust in your gifts and your talents too and above all else, trust your inner voice. That is the first gift of wisdom that you received.

I hope you are letting people love you too and since this month was happiness month, I hope you’ve decided. to be happy no matter what🤎