Tell her!

Writing and me.
2 min readJan 20, 2023

Sometimes, you damn the tone and the possible insults that will follow and tell them how you feel. Insults never killed anyone. — Anonymous

Cottonbro Studio on Pexels.

Bisi is at the salon right now. She’s shown the hairdresser the exact thing she wants done on her head. This woman has started but Bisi can already tell that she will fumble this hair.

“Aunty B (of Aunty B’s Hair Clinic) (rolling my eyes), shebi you’ve seen the hair?” “See it again o”, Bisi says, raising her phone above her head. “Heyyyy, aunty yi funny gan o. Se eru’n ba e ni? I go do am, seh. E calm down”, says Aunty B.

Bisi nods without any enthusiasm.

The lady doing her nails is not even any better. She has injured her once already with her harsh filing.

Bisi is furious, but she’s too afraid to stand up and leave or tell her to loosen the plaits she’s done because they are wack. God forbid that she becomes the topic of conversation anywhere.

What Bisi doesn’t realize is that there are no rewards for suffering in silence and there is no gain in enduring something that doesn’t serve you; especially not this lousy hair that she is supposed to carry for another two weeks. If she even speaks up, she will gain the respect of both women because that’s how it works. When people realize that they cannot move funny with you and get away with it, they will be minding their speech and giving you all the rating you deserve. There is something beautiful about a naturally calm person snapping into insanity every once in a while.

I don’t have any wise words to end this little entry with but just don’t be a Bisi in this new year. You have been given a mouth, a voice, use it. Speak up and stop wasting time, especially when you go to get your hair done!

Ire o!