The caregiver’s guilt.

Healthcare giver or not, roll up your sleeves please, let’s get into this one.

We know how life Lifes… Sometimes, what you start out hoping for is not what you end up receiving. Anyone can fall ill and need care at any time or get thrown behind bars, leaving three young children to fend for themselves. But at what point does the caregiver begin to feel like they are allowed to express how weary and frustrated they are without feeling guilty?

Be you a healthcare giver or just a random person whose loved one has been on life support for a prolonged amount of time now, I know you can relate. I also write for the siblings and parents of people living with conditions like autism- conditions that require so much physical and mental power and an amount of patience that an ordinary person cannot fathom. How lucky we are to have you. If you can’t relate, then, lucky you, because the Caregiver’s guilt is real.

I have heard different people talk about how they feel about the people they’ve cared for, and it is a range of emotions. Among others, some end up hating those they are taking care of for not getting better and setting them free to live their own lives. There are also persons who hate those making a full recovery and taking away the fulfilment they get from giving help to someone who needs it.

All in all, one thing is sure: even the people supporting others need support too. So, look around you today and help a caregiver out, however you can; even if it means not judging them when they complain or lash out. Since they are so busy taking care of others, be compassionate enough to lend a helping hand. Plus, if you are a caregiver who is seeing this, I say, do not be weary. Burn out is natural and it doesn’t make you a witch or a monster. You just need to ask for help more, delegate a bit and be open to trying out better and helpful ways of doing the things you are used to doing. Remember that your tongue and your hands are your greatest tools for healing, therefore, please resist the urge to dwell on any form of negativity.

God be with us all ❤️

Please clap as many times as you enjoyed reading this and leave your comments too. Cheers.



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