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4 min readSep 22, 2022


I won’t lie, as much as trying new stuff scares me, I love it.

Fun fact: I can’t wait for my time in Japan.

I want to say that I am an adventurous Aries woman but that sounds like tautology, so I’ll just say that I’m up for an adventure on most days.

I like adventure and I welcome challenges because I am obsessed with growth. Growth is hard and delicious, and I like how, many times, it’s there happening without you even noticing. Growth is the leader, please, the main boss.

Whether I am trying out a new recipe or I am sampling new music, there’s always that part of me that’s like “okay, hold on, let’s see, fingers crossed”.

New stuff is uncomfortable regardless of whether it’s exciting or not. A new job, a new home, a new friendship, life after one chapter has ended, etc. can be a leeeeeeetle scary but sometimes, a new thing is just what you need. Especially those times when you know deep down that you’ve been running on empty.

There’s new energy in the new, that’s why writers hardly edit in the same spot they write.

Recently, I asked a few people around me what they’d be doing if they weren’t doing what they are currently doing and man, the answers blew my mind. A lawyer said she’d be acting, and a navy lieutenant said he’d be dancing. Someone in med school said she’d play football. Can you see? You too should introspect and identify that other thing that either catches your eye every once in a while, or maybe it’s already littered embers in your belly, but you have been avoiding. Maybe you just haven’t noticed.

If you start to feel stuck, trying out a new thing will refresh you. That’s one. Two, it’ll give you a different thing to focus on for a little bit and you can choose to return to base after you’ve explored, or you can move into the new spot fully. (I want to say that this is why cheaters justify cheating, but God forbid, I won’t say that). It will also give you a new vantage point on things.

Mind you, “new” can be as simple as not doing anything for like 3 days straight- if you are someone who obsesses about closing tabs and finishing tasks. “New” for you will be unique to you and what exists for you already.


I don’t want you to feel any pressure about this though, even if you finish introspecting and you can’t find anything that interests you. Trust me, introspection doesn’t ever go to waste. You are never the same person you were at the start of something at the end of that thing. The you that will go to bed tonight is not the you that got out of bed this morning. Believe me, I know this true and true.

I fucked up my Spotify subscription for this month and now, I am forced to use the Spotify Free Plan. I can’t undo it until the seventeenth of next month and bruh is it testing my patience. This free plan can drive you crazy if you are used to any of the other plans because it is so restrictive 🙄 Spotify’s user experience is all the way up there normally but right now, I cannot skip more than six songs per hour, when I want to play a song from my playlist, I can’t even select that song because I can’t access the list of songs that make up that playlist. I mean, the list is there but nothing is clickable. The worst part is, wait for it... THE ADs ARE NON-SKIPPABLE! Also, if a song I don’t know comes up and I want to skip ahead into the song, I cannot. Or if there’s a long intro that I want to skip, it’s like nah, beesh, you wish, beeeeeesh.

Lol, I’m calm.


Guess what!

Today is day four with this new wife of mine and it’s getting better. We are finding ways to make each other happy.

Candidly, I have enjoyed the selection of songs she’s been giving me so far. She’s brought all my old loves back to the fore. I don’t know if this is some intentional algorithm in action- it’s possible ‘cos like I said, Spotify’s UX is up there- but it’s a different set of songs and I’m glad. On my own part, I’m taking time to learn how to navigate through this free plan. At least, I’ve learnt that when I search for a song I want to hear and I press play, it doesn’t play that song immediately. Instead, that song comes up next meaning that I still get to hear it, but after one or two songs that I can’t say no to.

Talk about self-control and endurance that I didn’t sign up for🤣

September is almost over. Get the door. Explore that idea soon because I can’t wait to hear all about it. Whether you are growing on one spot or you are that proverbial rolling stone, kudos to you for a job well done so far.

Yes, I’m a believer that a rolling stone actually gathers moss.

Also, wish me strength, as October 17th is a long time from now🙂

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