Ude (Pomade)

Writing and me.
2 min readFeb 15, 2024
Image Credits: Olga Volkovitskaia; Pexels

So, I was at this training yesterday and the instructor was trying to reiterate the fact that people don’t read things and he said, “Who do you know reads the manuals or the fine print?” and I just sat there still because I do, I read the fine print. Does that make me weird? I got a new sound system last week and when I opened it, I read the user’s manual. I read them things in the medicine packets, them little leaflets. Could it be because I am passionate about product documentation or am I just wired differently? Or maybe because I like reading? And is this good or bad? Why do I have so many questions? And who will answer them? If I even like reading, then why don’t I take research more seriously? Oh wait, that’s because I am not passionate about it, or at least that’s what I think right now. It could change in the future. So, no, no science girl then. Right. So, arts? What’s artistic about me? All I do is put some colour in my dress style, have random bursts of inspiration in the kitchen and then go on to make magic, deliver the dryest joke or enjoy the witty things said by people around me. Why don’t I have a YouTube channel then or a ton of Instagram followers seeing that I am so artistic 😒🙄

You know what, I’m doing alright. I have to admit. I might not have met the man of my dreams who will know what I am thinking before I say it but I have started many of the things I said I would start this year and I am liking the pace. And that’s great, you know because that means that growth is happening. Right? Plus, really, can I do anything else other than enjoy each day like a present? Don’t give up, innit? solu ibe gi do’liwa, as we say in Igbo.


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