What about Words?

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Our words have powers…Hebrews 4:12

If the word of God is alive and active and powerful and sharper than the sharpest double-edged sword that can cut between soul and spirit and bone and marrow (I mean do you know how specific and powerful you have to be to be able to cut through bone and marrow?) and we are made in his image, does this not mean that our words are equally powerful?

How do you feel when you lash out at someone in a fit of rage and the hurtful things you say evidently and instantly dim their mood? I bet, not good. Sometimes in our bid to make our friends better, we criticize them so harshly; without putting much thought into our choice of words ( just like Job’s friends did in the book of Job, when they wrongfully diagnosed that Job’s sufferings were because of how bad he was as a person).

Other times, we make others feel stupid for their choices. We make a mockery of their unique gifts and we fold our noses when we hear something profound from someone we believe to be so ordinary. We roll our eyes when they announce that they are allergic to this or that simply because why would anyone be allergic to that? They tell us they don’t want to have a beer or some cake or even a conversation about oral sex and they automatically become less cool by our standards.

“Your words oh Lord are life, you have the message of eternal life”. That’s what the psalmist says. Of course words are capable of saving someone. Creation was done by words, healing, by words, even redemption was by words because Jesus Christ kept talking until he died. Ever wondered why your words of encouragement and admonishments are enough to liberate a prisoner and revive a drooping spirit? “You are not alone”, “we are praying for you”, “keep going, you are almost there”…these are all words that bring life. The truth brings freedom and guess what, it is made up of words. That’s why as painful as the truth can be to hear, it sets you free still.

Since your tongue is so powerful, maybe take using it for more positive things more seriously. Create bubbles of positivity constantly and fill the orbit around you with high frequency. This works for you and for your neighbors. A simple compliment can be the boost that someone needs to go through their day. See it like this, as you open your eyes every day, one of your missions is to make someone feel better, as part of the work of God we are called to do.

I once lived with my friend’s mum and she changed my life forever. Even when she’s dying from anger, she’ll never say a negative thing. So, a stubborn grandchild finally breaks a cup and he’s standing there wide-eyed. She’s clearly mad but rather than say the usual things in Yoruba like your head is not correct or what kind of stubborn child is this, she’ll always say you are so tenacious or is your head not wonderful. Or something sha. It always warmed my heart. The same way scripture can penetrate even the hardest hearts and cut off the dying parts, that’s how far our words can travel. You don’t want to destroy God’s creation with your words, do you?

There’s really no need to go the route of gossiping and backbiting, scandalizing and gaslighting. That’s so old-fashioned. Show some love, let people cry when they want to leave your presence. It’s actually that deep.

I’m trying to be kinder these days (because duh, we can never not need more kindness) and I’ve realized that I should start with my words.

My tea people get it too, so every tea bag has some well-written words to come with.

Even in war, words have made soldiers retreat and even surrender. There’s a saying in the Igbo land that goes : a kpo dee, obi ayo. ‘Dee’ is a term to show respect; it’s like ‘Egbon’ in the Yoruba language. So a kpo dee- when you address someone as an elder, obi ayo- the heart returns (or the temper cools or the soft side comes out). The saying didn’t suggest that we buy a drink or do their laundry (I mean, these could work too) but in the heat of a serious argument where some people and community management is imperative, let me see you bring out more dirty linen🌚

It’s a brand new morning and you can do it. Be kinder with your words today, it’s the new sexy.

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