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4 min readNov 22, 2022

Is that elephant made out of ivory?


Who’s ready for our November session?

If you feel like you might need some catching up on what this is about, then read the last entry here.

I’d like to think that scars are proof that one has been through the hardest things and one survived. I say it depends on how you see it…you know, victory is a mindset.

Release yourself from the need to take your revenge on the people who might have hurt you or someone you love. Even if you are 5ft 3, you can still be the bigger person. I can’t lie to you. Failing to forgive hurt that you’ve suffered will eat you up alive, and can we talk about how exhausting it is to just stay mad? Forgive them for leaving, for dying, for moving, for failing, for changing; free yourself from the pain. It’s so much easier, this is what November reminded me of.

Another thing is that things aren’t usually what they seem, at least not a hundred percent. Your mind is human and therefore bound to make mistakes. Even the best-read psychiatrist can miss the signs with his serial-killer patient as long as that patient is deliberate about the things they share. For the mundane things, your best bet would be to seek a second or third opinion but how about for the complex things. Whose help do you seek to simplify things? Allow me to recommend God. He’s the greatest mystery in the history and future of mysteries ever, so he’s prime for the job. When you get confused -and you will- I hope you let him be the head of that department for you. Not only because he’s gracious and kind and always wants to help, but because of the things he said in the book of Isaiah, chapter 42.

When “spirit man” says move, move. Whether you know it as a gut feeling or the voice in the back of your mind, when spirit man says move, you move. In my experience, many people tend to shun their spirit man. They think “wait, I shouldn’t act like I’m so certain because I am not a witch/wizard”, “I know I’ve seen this before but what if it’s different this time?”, e.t.c. I just want you to know that the word of God is alive and active and so since you were formed with that word, you should give yourself more credit than that. Yes yes, it is destructive to compare situations or to judge person B by what person A did but if you didn’t need that voice, God wouldn’t have put there.

Take risks. Your heart will break more than once in your life from betrayals, failures, disappointments, mistakes and false expectations. Pain is part of your path, you must accept it. If you want to grow you must change that old version of yourself. Accept change and never break. Be assertive about what you want and what you need. Be so self-aware that you become immune to self-doubt and/or gaslighting. When you take a risk and fail, remember that victory is a mindset. You are better off with lessons than with regrets about what you didn’t attempt. You can learn from other people’s experience but you never forget the lessons you learnt in your own class, first hand. Take risks, if you can. Your best days are the ones you are yet to live, plus, I don’t think it is wise to break a bent reed simply because it is bent or to put out a flickering lamp simply because it is flickering. At least not all the time.

I met a number of good people this month and I’m thankful. My favorite season is almost here-Mistletoe season- and I have started to listen to Christmas songs again. This year I started with Country Christmas music. I can’t wait. I will attend concerts this year, God willing and I will finally throw banga.

What did November teach you? It taught me that maybe I’m not afraid of new love, I’m just afraid of old pain.

Please remember to delegate. That’s one thing we fail at. You cannot do everything. Delegate stuff to people who can help and try not to die because you are trying to do it all by yourself, being the perfectionist that you are. “No body will do it like me…” My darling, they aren’t supposed to. They are not you and you are not them. Teach them to do it and unclinch your fists on the reins. Let them bring their essence and substance to the thing. I’m sure you wouldn’t delegate something to someone if you didn’t think they were any good. Delegate, especially as the preparations for Christmas begin. Delegate as you close business for the year. Delegate and tell those workaholics around you to delegate too…starting from your parents.

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Hugs and kisses.