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Writing and me.
2 min readJan 16, 2023

Not the RCCG service o.

Speaking of church, have you heard of “YouVersion”? I wrote something that might help you catch up on what it is, here. Kindly share feedback too.

Okay, back to digging deep, my loves, please, what are you looking for?

These days, many people are making exponential leaps in their bank accounts. Imagine earning from 150k to 250 to 750k to $1500+. I mean how omo is that? This is the same country where some have to eat once a day while others get compliments like “Hauwa, you are the blackest person in this Lagos.”

Then, I remember how these aspire to unspire😒 people usually say that when you can identify a need in your environment and solve it, that’s when you will blow. I’ve tried to attack this problem from the skill set side, but I haven’t had much success with finding opportunities to use my skillset. I am learning more and more skills but, in the meantime, I believe it’s time for a different approach. Whenever this entry finds you, I want you to try to identify one problem around you, within your household or your community and think of one way it can be solved. See how I’m sticking to ‘one’? See it o, because nobody is sending you to go and make a long list and end up doing none.

You don’t have to share what you figure here too. Just go on, do it. Hopefully, I will come back here soon to share a different story regarding fitting myself and my skillset into somewhere fitting or just creating the use for these skills one way or another. Both outcomes work for me.

I hope you have been deliberate, this month, with your learning and with compounding value for yourself. I know I have, even though on some days, I just want to let myself go.

I also hope you are looking forward to the January edition of my Hacks for Mindful People. Don’t know what that is? Allow me to illuminate you😍

Here are the hacks from October🥰

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I can’t wait to hear from you- I can’t also wait to hear your thoughts on the YouVersion app. Write me!!